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Light Landscaping

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SNB Lawncare has been a trusted company for lawn care and maintenance services in Hollister, Missouri. We provide a wide variety of lawn services that improve, nourish, and make your lawn healthy and strong.

Light Landscaping

Looking for a professional landscape lighting installation service? Well, look no further because we at SNB Lawncare have the most efficient solution for you. Hiring our professionals for lightning installation can give your home an undeniably pleasing ambiance. With our strategically placed lighting installation, you can increase your property’s safety by lighting the darkened crossing or pathways around your home. In addition, we can assist with all aspects of your lawn outdoor lighting needs.


We have some of the industry’s most qualified and trained staff to assist you with your lawn landscape lighting installation. Our experts have years of experience and practice with a wide range of landscape lighting solutions and will ensure that it’s safely and properly positioned. We also have the most advanced and energy-efficient lighting and equipment for easy landscape lighting installation at your place.


We have an extensive range of services satisfying our customers’ requirements for outdoor lighting. Our lawn care personnel can install and adjust your landscape lights and keep trees and plants out of the way for optimal impact and effect. Transformers and voltage settings are among the connections that we can manage and control. So whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s, contact us for efficient installation of lighting displays for your house.